Irma la Douce

Oh, and one more thing.
Keep away from Nestor. He's vicious.

They don't call him Tiger for nothing.
I say there, this is a bit of a jolly surprise.
- What'll it be, Your Lordship?
- Don't mention that swine.

Do you know what they've been
doing in that hotel room?

Shattered man, my eye!
And now they're running off to England -
Irma and the lord.

She's packing.
She's going to walk out on me.

- Nestor.
- He's taking her to his bloody castle.

She's gonna make tea for him,
knit him sweaters.

- You're talking crazy.
- They won't get away with it.

I'll tear him apart.
I'll... throw him in the Seine.

There is no lord.
- There isn't?
- That's right.

How do you like that phoney?
He's been lying to her.

What do you mean "he"?
There is no "he" - it's you!

Of course it's me, but she doesn't
know that. And she doesn't know I know.

But I know that she likes him
better than she likes me.

She wouldn't even
take any money from him.

- I think you'd better have a drink.
- The world isn't big enough for two of us.

Lord X is gonna walk down
the street and disappear for ever.

- Nobody's ever gonna see him again.
- I didn't want to see him in the first place.

- Get my other clothes from the cellar.
- Coming up.