G. W: Come on over
to the house once in a while.

We'll rack up
a few hands of stud.

G.W., that'll be just fine.

MAN: lt's a nice morning,
ain't it, Boss?

G. W: Everybody's entitled
to their own opinion.

MAN: Like that again, eh?
Here's something
that'll cheer you up.

About 1,000 head. l figure
they'll bring about 1,250.

G. W: They're not as fat
as l'd like to ship.

They all off the north range?
MAN: Yes, sir.
Every one of them
with a plow and a Bible,

not the slightest idea
of what the range is for.

Drag out that hog-legg.
DRAGO: Yes, sir.
G. W: Get me
some attention.

Hee ya!
People, people, people!
DRAGO: Come on, all of you!
Gather around.
People, come on! Gather around.
l'm McLintock.
You people planned a homestead
and farmed the Mesa Verde.

MAN: Yes, sir.
The government give us
each 160 acres.

The government never gave
anybody anything.

Some years back,
a lot like you came in.

They had a pretty good
first year...

good summer, easy winter,
but the next year,
the last rain was in February,

and by June,
even the jackrabbits had sense
enough to get off the Mesa.

Folks, do you know
who that is?

That's McLintock...
George Washington McLintock.

l told them that, Douglas.
DOUGLAS: He controls
the water rights...

on 200 square miles
of range.

You know that lumber you got?
That came from his land.

Cut by his loggers
and milled in his mills.

Douglas, l come close to killing
you a couple of times...