when we were younger.
Saddens me l didn't.
DOUGLAS: Can you imagine
a man who owns all that...

Oh, and mines, too.
l forgot to mention them...

All that, and he's begrudging
poor people a measly...

a measly 160 acres.
That right, Mr. McLintock?
You begrudge us
a little free land?

There's no such thing
as free land.

lf you make
these homesteads go,

you'll have earned
every acre of it,

but you just can't make 'em go
on the Mesa Verde.

God made that country
for buffalo.

lt serves pretty well for
cattle, but it hates the plow,

and even the government
should know...

that you can't farm 6,000 feet
above sea level.

Any trouble, Mr. McLintock?
No trouble, Sheriff.
How about you, Douglas?
Just plain Douglas, eh?

And you call him Mr. McLintock.
Well, Douglas, l guess
it's because he earned it.

Mr. McLintock?
l'm a good hand with cattle,
Mr. McLintock.

l'd like a job.
Well, you look strong enough.
You come in
with those sooners?

Well, yes, sir, but we don't
have a homestead.

G. W: Can't use you.
Tough life, ain't it, sonny?
Well, ain't much future in being
a farmer around these parts.