Ladies, this is the finest
chantilly lace...

available anywhere.
(French pronunciation)
Chantilly, Mr. Birnbaum.

Well, believe me,
it's the best.

Oh, excuse me.
Please, look around.
Take your time.

Drago, l got
1,000 Havana cigars...

and 12 of those hats
for you over there.

Them big hats ain't going to
last long the way some folks...

have been dipping
into that redeye these days.

Good morning, G.W.
Good morning.
l stole some stick candy.
Please. Help yourself.
Come on in.

Davey! You can forget about
saddling up the horse!

Come in here!
Well, if l were blacks, l'd move
queen's bishop to king 4.

Yeah. You might be right.
You know, l was just
starting to work this out...

when the letter came.
lt was...
MAN: What happened?
Don't you want...

- Morning, Mr. McLintock.
- Morning, Davey.

DAVEY: You being here
saved me a trip.

Oh, that hat and suit of clothes
you picked out for my birthday...

well, instead of
this cowboy hat,

l'd like to have this one...
if it's, uh,
all right with you, sir.

G. W: Well, it's all right
with me, Davey.

Of course, that looks like
the kind of a hat...

a fella'd wear down Main Street
to start a fight.

DAVEY: Oh, l don't need
a city hat for that.

All l have to do
is walk down the street,

and some wiseacre
will call me an lndian,

and, just like that,
the fight's on.

BlRNBAUM: Davey, the letter.
lt's for you.

And you are an lndian.
Yes, l know l'm an lndian,

but l'm also
the fastest runner in town.

l've got a college education,
and l'm the railroad

but does anybody
say, "Hello, college man"

or "Hello, runner"
or "Hello, telegrapher"? No!

Not even "Hello, knothead..."
BlRNBAUM: Davey.
DAVEY: lt's always,
"Let the lndian do it."

BlRNBAUM: Will you go out in
the store and help the ladies?

DAVEY: All right. l'm also
a bookkeeper, part-time clerk.