lt was...
MAN: What happened?
Don't you want...

- Morning, Mr. McLintock.
- Morning, Davey.

DAVEY: You being here
saved me a trip.

Oh, that hat and suit of clothes
you picked out for my birthday...

well, instead of
this cowboy hat,

l'd like to have this one...
if it's, uh,
all right with you, sir.

G. W: Well, it's all right
with me, Davey.

Of course, that looks like
the kind of a hat...

a fella'd wear down Main Street
to start a fight.

DAVEY: Oh, l don't need
a city hat for that.

All l have to do
is walk down the street,

and some wiseacre
will call me an lndian,

and, just like that,
the fight's on.

BlRNBAUM: Davey, the letter.
lt's for you.

And you are an lndian.
Yes, l know l'm an lndian,

but l'm also
the fastest runner in town.

l've got a college education,
and l'm the railroad

but does anybody
say, "Hello, college man"

or "Hello, runner"
or "Hello, telegrapher"? No!

Not even "Hello, knothead..."
BlRNBAUM: Davey.
DAVEY: lt's always,
"Let the lndian do it."

BlRNBAUM: Will you go out in
the store and help the ladies?

DAVEY: All right. l'm also
a bookkeeper, part-time clerk.

Always, "Let the lndian do it."
Always, "Let the lndian do it."
BlRNBAUM: A lady brought that
out here this morning,

asked for it to be taken out
to the home ranch for you.

Handsome lady.
Kind of tall with red hair.

Called me Mr. Birnbaum, just as
if she'd never seen me before...

and as if that veil
that covered her face...

could keep me
from recognizing her.

l thought she was in New York
or Europe or someplace.

G. W: So did l.
DRAGO: Jake, you better
throw on a couple extra cases...

of the boss' favorite bourbon.
That stuff sure gets used up
fast out at our place.

G. W: Which reminds me,
you better start tapering off.

Katherine's in town.
Good morning.
MEN: Morning, Mr. McLintock.
Morning, Mr. McLintock.

G. W: Morning, gentlemen.