with all these settlers?
You're asking for trouble.
Mr. Douglas, l already have
plenty of trouble.

Please stay off my back.
Running Buffalo, bring your
people over to the clay slide.

Hello, Mr. McLin.
Tiny Mouth, it's nice
to see you!

You wouldn't believe it now,
but 20 years ago, she was
a mighty handsome maid.

20 years ago, you
thought so, too, Mr. Douglas.

G. W: Ahem.
DRAGO: lt was just like this.
l had a dead bead
on old Running Buffalo,

and my Sharp
.50 caliber misfired.

That was back in that trouble
in the forties, remember?

G. W: l remember.
You want to taste something
come directly from heaven?

Where'd you get this?
That boy's mama baked 'em.
You thinking
the same thing l am?

She's a widow woman, Boss,
and she's got
a long, hard road to hoe.

Hire her.
l always said you had
a heap of sense.

Mr. McLintock,
this is my mother.

Your mother?
And my sister.
Pleased to meet you,
Mr. McLintock.

Ma'am, this here's my boss,
and he has a few choice words
to say about your biscuits.

Yes, Mr. McLintock?
Well... they're great.
G. W: Well, you old
Cantonese reprobate,

how about it?
You fire me,
l kill myself.

l'm not talking about
firing you.