That boy's mama baked 'em.
You thinking
the same thing l am?

She's a widow woman, Boss,
and she's got
a long, hard road to hoe.

Hire her.
l always said you had
a heap of sense.

Mr. McLintock,
this is my mother.

Your mother?
And my sister.
Pleased to meet you,
Mr. McLintock.

Ma'am, this here's my boss,
and he has a few choice words
to say about your biscuits.

Yes, Mr. McLintock?
Well... they're great.
G. W: Well, you old
Cantonese reprobate,

how about it?
You fire me,
l kill myself.

l'm not talking about
firing you.

l'm retiring you.
You been rustling food
for us for 30 years.

We're going to put you
out to pasture.

All you'll have to do is give
advice, be one of the family.

l kill myself.
l may save you the trouble.
Hey, Ching, you kill yourself,
l'll cut off your pigtail,

and you ain't never going
to get to heaven.

l'll be one of the family?
l give you my solemn word.
Pretty crummy family...
drink too much,

get in fight,
yell all the time.

Cut off his pigtail.
All right. All right.
l'll be one of the family.

(Speaking Chinese)
This is such a big house,
it'll take me a while
to get used to things.

Now, please don't hesitate
to tell me if anything is wrong.

No bird's-nest soup?

Otherwise, just fine.
Everything nice and fine.

DRAGO: Food's heavenly, ma'am.
Best apple pie l ever ate.