l'm retiring you.
You been rustling food
for us for 30 years.

We're going to put you
out to pasture.

All you'll have to do is give
advice, be one of the family.

l kill myself.
l may save you the trouble.
Hey, Ching, you kill yourself,
l'll cut off your pigtail,

and you ain't never going
to get to heaven.

l'll be one of the family?
l give you my solemn word.
Pretty crummy family...
drink too much,

get in fight,
yell all the time.

Cut off his pigtail.
All right. All right.
l'll be one of the family.

(Speaking Chinese)
This is such a big house,
it'll take me a while
to get used to things.

Now, please don't hesitate
to tell me if anything is wrong.

No bird's-nest soup?

Otherwise, just fine.
Everything nice and fine.

DRAGO: Food's heavenly, ma'am.
Best apple pie l ever ate.

G. W: Curly's right, ma'am.
Hated to leave that last bite.

Shall we celebrate
with a drink?

DRAGO: Carlos, come
and help me with the dishes.

Alice, you want to help, too?
ALlCE: Yes, Drago.
DRAGO: All right.
Pitch in.

l'll wash, and you kids can dry.
ls that good?

MAN: Whoa.
Don't seem possible one woman
could use all them clothes.

You keep a civil tongue...

in your unprepossessing face.
MAN: Yes, ma'am.
And unload my baggage, please.

MAN: Yes, ma'am.
By the way, what does that word,
"unprepossessing," mean?

Mrs. McLintock.
KATE: Oh, hello, Carlos.
Run and help the driver
with my luggage.

l couldn't trust anyone else
in this house...

to do anything correctly.
G. W: Luggage?
Give him a hand, Curly.

CURLY: Yes, Boss.
Mr. McLintock.