G. W: Curly's right, ma'am.
Hated to leave that last bite.

Shall we celebrate
with a drink?

DRAGO: Carlos, come
and help me with the dishes.

Alice, you want to help, too?
ALlCE: Yes, Drago.
DRAGO: All right.
Pitch in.

l'll wash, and you kids can dry.
ls that good?

MAN: Whoa.
Don't seem possible one woman
could use all them clothes.

You keep a civil tongue...

in your unprepossessing face.
MAN: Yes, ma'am.
And unload my baggage, please.

MAN: Yes, ma'am.
By the way, what does that word,
"unprepossessing," mean?

Mrs. McLintock.
KATE: Oh, hello, Carlos.
Run and help the driver
with my luggage.

l couldn't trust anyone else
in this house...

to do anything correctly.
G. W: Luggage?
Give him a hand, Curly.

CURLY: Yes, Boss.
Mr. McLintock.

Are you moving back in?
Yes, but nothing has changed
except my place of residence,

and l'd be willing
to put up with savages...

rather than be denied
the company of my daughter,

and l'm proving that
by moving in here.

Mr. McLintock,
since it's my first day,

would you excuse me
if l, uh...

G. W: Go ahead.
Oh, Katherine,
this is Dev Warren.

He joined the outfit today.
DEV: Pleased, ma'am.
Thank you.
Well, how refreshing...
a polite young man here.

Where did he come from?
G. W: He's a farmer.
KATE: A farmer?
DRAGO: Well, l'll be doggone!
Kate, welcome home.

What on earth are you doing
in that idiotic-looking outfit?

And don't you dare
call me Kate.

That's my butling suit.
l'm butling for the boss.

And l'm sorry, Katherine.
That Kate kind of slipped out...

from the times l remembered
you as being nice peop... people.

Are you going to stand there...
with that stupid look
on your face...