l want to talk to you
about Rebecca.

G. W: Yes, Mrs. McLintock.
lndeed, Mrs. McLintock.

Of course, Mrs. McLintock.
The toast... lightly browned
and unbuttered.

Of course, ma'am.
Wait a minute now, Boss, where
do you think you're going?

G. W: l just remembered
l got a date.

DRAGO: But she said she want to
have a talk with you.

G. W: l heard.
(Door opens and closes)
G. W: Good evening, Lem.
LEM: Good evening, Mr. Mac.
Say, Mr. Mac, what does
unprepossessing mean?

G. W:
l was called that once, Lem.

Looked it up in the dictionary.
lt's best you don't know
what it means.

LEM: Uh-huh. Thank you.

DRAGO: Hey, what
am l going to tell her...

when she asks where you went?
G. W: When in doubt,
tell the truth.

She wouldn't expect that
from you anyway.

Where's Mr. McLintock going?

DRAGO: There he goes,
burning his last bridge.

DRAGO: You see a yellow streak
about a foot wide...

running up and down
his backbone?

On Mr. McLintock?
He ain't afraid of nothing.
l once thought that.
Yes, ma'am?
Was that, uh...
He took off. Lit out.
l told him l wanted to
talk to him.

Yes, ma'am.
l was standing right over here
when you said it,

and l was standing right on
those front steps...

when he walked up to a horse,
grabbed a hunk of mane,

stepped up on him,
and sunk spur.

Where did he go?
Last time l saw him, he was
going east, but you know him.

He's liable to go
north, south, or west.