She wouldn't expect that
from you anyway.

Where's Mr. McLintock going?

DRAGO: There he goes,
burning his last bridge.

DRAGO: You see a yellow streak
about a foot wide...

running up and down
his backbone?

On Mr. McLintock?
He ain't afraid of nothing.
l once thought that.
Yes, ma'am?
Was that, uh...
He took off. Lit out.
l told him l wanted to
talk to him.

Yes, ma'am.
l was standing right over here
when you said it,

and l was standing right on
those front steps...

when he walked up to a horse,
grabbed a hunk of mane,

stepped up on him,
and sunk spur.

Where did he go?
Last time l saw him, he was
going east, but you know him.

He's liable to go
north, south, or west.

Get me a carriage.
Yes, ma'am, but...
But what?
Maybe you shouldn't
follow him...

into maybe where
he's going into.

What does that mean?
l don't know,
but l wish l hadn't-a said it.

Well, just get the carriage.
Yes, ma'am.
What happened?
Get the barouche.
Hitch it up.
She wants to go to town.

But Mr. McLintock never
said anything to me about it.

Look, young fella, l'm
the ramrod around this place,

and you better start
giving me a "Yes, sir,"

or you're going to get
the roof of this house...

pulled down on your head.
Yes, sir.
(Dance music playing)
G. W: Hello, Davey.
DAVEY: Hi, Mr. McLintock.
G. W: New broom, eh?
DAVEY: Sweeps clean.

G. W: Hello, Bunny.
How is everything?

Oh, fine, fine, Mr. McLintock.

l'll get you next time.