(Train whistle)
(Bell clanging)
(Band playing)
Why, Miss Becky,
welcome home!

Mr. Douglas!
JUNlOR: Hi, Dad!
DOUGLAS: My boy! Ha ha ha!
JUNlOR: lt's good
to see you again!

Daddy! Oh!
lt's been two long years!
l guess l'm going to have to
stop calling you tomboy!

KATE: Becky.
- Mama! Oh, Mama!
- Oh, darling!

- l wasn't sure you'd be here.
- Oh, l've been here a few days.

Oh, Becky, l've bought you three
of the most beautiful dresses!

Oh, ma...
Uncle Drago! Ohh!
Did you bring your old uncle
a coming-home present?

- Sure did!
- What is it?

A mustache cup!
And what did you get me?

Prettiest palomino pony that
ever packed a saddle. Broke.

(Jake plays tuba)
Uncle Jake! Ohh!
What are you doing
with Mr. Douglas' tuba?

Oh, Mr. Douglas has a fat...
had a little accident.
You know, l brought you a whole
shipment of licorice sticks!

But now that l've seen
how much you've grown,

l think we better
exchange them...

for a couple of bolts
of dress goods, huh?

Thank you!
Oh, the mayor
was going to be here,

but he had to go
to the territorial capital...

on a horse theft matter.
But l'm going to
give his speech.

(Crowd cheering)