"it is the government's claim as
filed by lndian agent Agard..."

"that these chiefs, after being
released from prison..."

"by a kindly government..."
"did then rouse and incite
defiance among the tribe..."

"against said order."
lt seems, gentlemen,
that although some of these
chiefs speak English...

Chief Puma is quite at home
in our language...

they have chosen Mr. McLintock
to be their spokesman.

G. W:
l speak for the Comanche...

or rather l offer
this translation.

Proceed, Mr. McLintock.
We are an old people
and a proud people.

When the White Man
first came among us,

we were as many as
the grasses of the prairie.

Now we are few,
but we are still proud.

For if a man lose his pride
and manhood, he is nothing.

You tell us now that if we will
let you send us away...

to this place called Fort Sill,
you will feed us
and care for us.

Let us tell you this:
lt is a Comanche law
that no chief ever eats...

unless first he sees that
the pots are full of meat...

in the lodges of
the widows and orphans.

lt is the Comanche way of life.
This that the White Man
calls charity...

is a fine thing
for widows and orphans,

but no warrior can accept it,
for if he does,
he is no longer a man...

and when he is no longer a man,
he is nothing...

and better off dead.
You say to the Comanche,
"You are widows and orphans.
You are not men."

And we the Comanches say
we would rather be dead.

lt will not be a remembered
fight when you kill us,

because we are few now
and have few weapons,

but we will fight,
and we will die Comanche.

Thank you, Big McLintock.
Am l to gather
the Comanche defy...