to this place called Fort Sill,
you will feed us
and care for us.

Let us tell you this:
lt is a Comanche law
that no chief ever eats...

unless first he sees that
the pots are full of meat...

in the lodges of
the widows and orphans.

lt is the Comanche way of life.
This that the White Man
calls charity...

is a fine thing
for widows and orphans,

but no warrior can accept it,
for if he does,
he is no longer a man...

and when he is no longer a man,
he is nothing...

and better off dead.
You say to the Comanche,
"You are widows and orphans.
You are not men."

And we the Comanches say
we would rather be dead.

lt will not be a remembered
fight when you kill us,

because we are few now
and have few weapons,

but we will fight,
and we will die Comanche.

Thank you, Big McLintock.
Am l to gather
the Comanche defy...

the government
of the United States?

Yes, you may gather
that the Comanche defy...

the United States government...
or at least this commission.
HUMPHREYS: Gentlemen.
(Men whispering)
lt is the order of this court...
that these chiefs be
incarcerated until such time...

as the detachment
of United States cavalry...

be made available to escort
them and the Comanche nation...

to Fort Sill.
This court is adjourned.
PUMA: McLintock,
you are important chief...

amongst these white people.
Sway them.
Have them give us few guns
to make the fight worthwhile.

Let us have one last remembered
fight for end of Comanche.

l almost wish
l could arrange that, Puma.

(G.W. and Puma
speaking Comanche)