Oh, howdy, McLintock.
Figured you'd be
belly-down drunk by now.

l've been doing some
thinking drinking, Bunny.

ls that boxcar
still on the siding?

BUNNY: Well, sure, but...
G. W: But what?
BUNNY: l don't like it.
G. W: You don't, eh?

BUNNY: You figure if
them lndians get out of there...

and lead the cavalry
on a wild goose chase,

that Great White Father's
going to get nosy.

G. W: Get nosy,
and he'll investigate,

and when they find out...
how that sidesaddle governor's
been messing things up,

they'll give those lndians
a fair trial.

BUNNY: That's live ammunition
in that boxcar.

You know what will happen...
if them lndians get some guns
in their hands?

Somebody is going to get hurt.
ls Puma's word
good enough for you?

BUNNY: Well, l don't...
McLintock, you got
yourself a partner.

G. W: Leave me out of this.
Hey, McLintock...
Ha ha ha.
Good night, Bunny.

Good night, Governor.
Where is the Katie
With her light red hair?
Sweet as the roses
On the summer air
On the summer air
l'll find her somewhere
While the moon is high
And tell her
that l love her

And l'll love her till l die
The master's home!
Katie! Katie!
Katherine Gilhooly McLintock!
Where's the woman
of the house?

Uh, Mr. McLintock.

G. W: Oh, there you...
Mrs. Warren!
Oh, good evening.
l waited up for you,
Mr. McLintock.

G. W: Oh, how nice.
MRS. WARREN: l want to talk
to you about something.

G. W:
Delighted, delighted.

309 times straight.
l beg your pardon?
309 times straight,
without a miss.