With her light red hair?
Sweet as the roses
On the summer air
On the summer air
l'll find her somewhere
While the moon is high
And tell her
that l love her

And l'll love her till l die
The master's home!
Katie! Katie!
Katherine Gilhooly McLintock!
Where's the woman
of the house?

Uh, Mr. McLintock.

G. W: Oh, there you...
Mrs. Warren!
Oh, good evening.
l waited up for you,
Mr. McLintock.

G. W: Oh, how nice.
MRS. WARREN: l want to talk
to you about something.

G. W:
Delighted, delighted.

309 times straight.
l beg your pardon?
309 times straight,
without a miss.

Got to be a record.
MRS. WARREN: l suppose so.
Now, Mr. McLintock,
what l wanted to say...

Two-pound Stetson with
6-inch brim, 53 feet in the air.

lt's got to be a record.
l'm sure it is,
but the reason l waited...

Dagnammit, woman,
can't you hold that glass still?

Of course, sir.
Down the hatch
to my world's record.

Down the hatch!
MRS. WARREN: Yes, sir.
And now...
to the governor
of our territory.

T-t-the governor
of the territory, sir?

Now, don't you stick up for him,
Mrs. Warren.

You're a fine woman,
Mrs. Warren,

but you'll certainly go down
in my estimation...

if you stick up
for Cuthbert H. Humphreys,

governor of this territory.
l don't mean to change the...
G. W: Down the hatch.
Aw... yes sir.
Down the hatch.