Got to be a record.
MRS. WARREN: l suppose so.
Now, Mr. McLintock,
what l wanted to say...

Two-pound Stetson with
6-inch brim, 53 feet in the air.

lt's got to be a record.
l'm sure it is,
but the reason l waited...

Dagnammit, woman,
can't you hold that glass still?

Of course, sir.
Down the hatch
to my world's record.

Down the hatch!
MRS. WARREN: Yes, sir.
And now...
to the governor
of our territory.

T-t-the governor
of the territory, sir?

Now, don't you stick up for him,
Mrs. Warren.

You're a fine woman,
Mrs. Warren,

but you'll certainly go down
in my estimation...

if you stick up
for Cuthbert H. Humphreys,

governor of this territory.
l don't mean to change the...
G. W: Down the hatch.
Aw... yes sir.
Down the hatch.
Cuthbert H. Humphreys, governor
of our territory, is a cull.

Do you know
what a cull is, ma'am?

A cull is a specimen
that is so worthless...

that you have to cut him
out of the herd.

Now, if all the people in the
world were put in one herd,

Cuthbert is the one
l would throw my rope at.

At whom, at whom l would throw
my rope at.

Natural born cull.
Another touch, ma'am?
Oh, no, sir, no.
Well, l, l don't mind if l do.
G. W: Good.
You can't walk on one leg.
Oh, l didn't mean
to be vulgar, ma'am.

Can't walk on one limb.
MRS. WARREN: lt's all right.
G. W: Sounds silly.
Only a bird can walk on a limb.

You know my wife?
Her name's Kate.
She insists on being called

Do you know her?
Of course, Mr. McLintock, and
that's what l wanted to talk...

Well, she thinks that Cuthbert
H. Humphreys is panting...