Shin Zatoichi monogatari

Aren't you lchi from Kasamon?
Yes, I am.
So it's you!
I am Tame from Koja.

Tame from Koja...
Oh, Tame the good singer!
You remembered me...
Ichi-san, it's been so long.

Not just long!
I didn't know you were alive!

I'm alive. I'm so happy
to meet a childhood friend!

This is my wife and my child.
Nice meeting you.
I envy you...
Are the three of you
going to the hot baths?

No. We're not in that position.
Our business went bankrupt.

Do you recognize this?
It's a Shamisen.
This is our living. We have fallen
to earning money on the road.

I see you've been through a lot.
It's my own fault. But l've heard
so many rumors about you.

Never mind that. Join me tonight.
Let's stay at the same inn.

We'll talk. Tonight,
your family is hired by me!