Shin Zatoichi monogatari

He's out.
Well, if he's out, he's out.
- Is Tashichi-san in?
- Yes.

Can you call him out
here a minute?

Tashichi brother!
There's a blind man to see you.
Tashichi-san, it's me,
from last night.

You haven't forgotten my face,
have you?

Where did I see you?
You put your sword here and said:
"ls that all, blind man?

"lf you don't give it all,
I'm going to cut you..."

What are you blabbering about?
I'm not going to listen to this.

Yes. That's the voice.
Say it again, will you?

"ls that all you have?
I'll kill you!". Go on, say it.

You bastard!
I was patient last night,
so no one would get hurt.

That's an interesting place
to have a tattoo. Tame-san!

- It hurts...
- Well?

Yes, yes, he has a tatoo. It's him.
Are you still denying it?
What's going on?
This man is a thief who barged into
an inn last night holding a dagger.

And not only him,
there were 3 others.

It's a lie, it wasn't me,
it was someone else.

Quickly, tell us
who your friends are.