Shin Zatoichi monogatari

You bastard!
I was patient last night,
so no one would get hurt.

That's an interesting place
to have a tattoo. Tame-san!

- It hurts...
- Well?

Yes, yes, he has a tatoo. It's him.
Are you still denying it?
What's going on?
This man is a thief who barged into
an inn last night holding a dagger.

And not only him,
there were 3 others.

It's a lie, it wasn't me,
it was someone else.

Quickly, tell us
who your friends are.

"Ouch!!!...Kyuroku, Yamakichi
and, and Gonroku..."

Kyuroku, Yamakichi, Gonroku.
Where are you?!

Listen Up!
I see no one here
understands anything.

People who were robbed
of their traveling expenses,

are standing there at a loss.
If you have any complaints about

what l've just said, compensate
them first, and then deal with me!

Are you going to give them
their money back, or not?