Shin Zatoichi monogatari

That might be it. Ichi-san,
do you suspect something?

No, no.
Sensei is always so busy.
He too doesn't like this way of
living and is trying to change it.

But it's not that easy...
If you were settled, he could work
more calmly, I think.

Yes, but l...
Ichi san,
I was thinking today,
maybe, you wouldn't mind
taking me as a bride.

Ichi-san, what do you think?
Can you say what you've
just said one more time?

I would like you to take me
for your wife.

Maybe I shouldn't say this,
but I'm no good.

I'm a poor Samurai's daughter
with one kimono to my name.

But you know all this, and I felt
that you wouldn't mind so much.

Miss, do you really mean it?
Do you really...

Yes. I thought it this morning
as I was walking with you

through the bamboo thicket.
I've been thinking about it all day today.