Shin Zatoichi monogatari

Ichi-san, what do you think?
Can you say what you've
just said one more time?

I would like you to take me
for your wife.

Maybe I shouldn't say this,
but I'm no good.

I'm a poor Samurai's daughter
with one kimono to my name.

But you know all this, and I felt
that you wouldn't mind so much.

Miss, do you really mean it?
Do you really...

Yes. I thought it this morning
as I was walking with you

through the bamboo thicket.
I've been thinking about it all day today.

Ichi-san, do you dislike
women like me?

What nonsense.
You're too good for the likes of me.

Please, stop joking.
I don't care about status.
My family is military,

But my parents were Ronin.
My brother wants something else
for me, but as a woman, I don't.

Even if I marry a Ronin,
as long as I'm loved by him all my life,

it's the best happiness
I could ask for.

Miss, are you really serious
about what you are saying?

I am. Ichi-san, take me, please.
Was that a yes?