Deserto rosso, Il

Let's drink to that, boys!
Come on, let's drink right now!

Oh man, I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.
- Don't worry.

Look who's here!
Excuse me, Mr. Max. I had no idea.
Never mind, Orlando, come in.
Who's she?
Come in, Miss, come in!
Some gal!
Have a drink!
There, on the table!

He's one of my employees.
He works in my factory.

He's like a horse...
he has a new girl every other day.
He's incredible.

- What's the young lady's name?
- Iole.

Iole, like my boat.
We were talking of things you like, too.
Didn't you tell me about that fat...
What fat?
the one some Africans use...
to last longer?
What is it?
Oh that one. It's nothing,
just crocodile fat and spices...