First Men in the Moon

We can do it together. Room enough
in the sphere for two people.

You're not serious about going to
the moon, are you? Wasn't it a joke?

We'd be firing ourselves off
the globe for nothing.

If there was anything on the moon
worth discovering, there...

It's exceptionally high in minerals.
- Minerals?
- Minerals.

- Including gold?
- Including gold.

There's a theory that the minerals on
the moon are not in a molten magma...

...but dotted about...
:29:38 nuggets.
Rather like raisins in a fruitcake.
Better than weightless boots,
isn't it?

Come on, l've got something
to show you.

How far would it be?
What, to the moon?
About a quarter of a million miles.
About quarter of a million... Come on.

You'll have to forgive this
confusion, untidiness.

l'll get it cleared up one day.
Oh, my goodness! That's much too high.
It's to carry the hot gases
from the furnace. l'll explain later.

It's all right! He's a friend!
My guards. Better than dogs.
They're harmless.

There's Gwendoline, Aristotle.
- It's hot!
- 123 degrees!

- No?
- Yes! Come on!

Out of the way, out the way!