First Men in the Moon

What, to the moon?
About a quarter of a million miles.
About quarter of a million... Come on.

You'll have to forgive this
confusion, untidiness.

l'll get it cleared up one day.
Oh, my goodness! That's much too high.
It's to carry the hot gases
from the furnace. l'll explain later.

It's all right! He's a friend!
My guards. Better than dogs.
They're harmless.

There's Gwendoline, Aristotle.
- It's hot!
- 123 degrees!

- No?
- Yes! Come on!

Out of the way, out the way!
The sphere.
- You've actually built it.
- Yes.

It's taken time, mind you.
Years, years.

Well, here it is. The sphere.
It's double-walled.
The shell inside is complete.

This outer frame is covered with
roller blinds and old railway buffers.

The blinds will be covered
with cavorite.

When they're extended, they'll cut
off the force of gravity.

Yes, that's right. That's very good.
You open and shut the blinds to cut
off gravity from the Earth...

...moon or any other bodies in space.
- Space.