First Men in the Moon

You must keep the doors closed
or you'll ruin the experiment!

Look, it's down to 110 degrees!
What on earth have you got there?
l've brought a few useful things
for Arnold. Don't tell him.

Just a few personal things.
- Personal things. Like a gun!
- It's a sensible precaution.

- You never know.
- What about these animals?

l brought fresh food too.
Tinned supplies aren't healthy.

You have thought about feeding them?
There's a sack of chickenfeed...

No, l'm sorry. There's no room.
You'll have to leave the lot. You'Il...
The temperature!
Oh, my goodness!
Chickens, gin and bitters, guns...
l don't know.

Should you run out like that
when you're so overheated?

You'll catch cold!
Will you close those blasted doors!
Give me that. The greenhouse
temperature is down by 15 degrees.

- It's not possible.
- Kate keeps mooning around!

- She won't leave those doors alone!
- Kate's still here?

Of course she is!
Tell her to go home! Just tell her!