First Men in the Moon

Well, we're nicely on temperature.
Oh, this is a solemn moment
in the history of mankind.

Man into space. Future generations
will long remember us.

If we're not blown to smithereens.
Please, please.
Put your hands and arms
through the net like this.

There might be a violent shock coming.
Arnold, you come out of there!
You can't leave this...

Any moment now, l can feel it.
- We're off!
- Open up.

- Open up! Mr. Bedford, open up!
- What's that?

- It's Kate.
- That woman!

She's impossible.
She'll be blasted to death.

- Open up!
- Get her inside! Get her inside!

- Hurry, for heaven's sake!
- Quickly!

l'm stuck. l can't move.
You'll be okay. We'll stop
accelerating at any moment now.

Where are we? What's happening?
Shot into space
with the speed of a bullet.

- l'll put magnets in your shoes.
- Space?

- l'm gonna be sick.
- Hold on to the handgrips!

You had no right to take me.
l came for Mr. Bedford.

- We had no choice, Mrs. Bedford.
- Stop calling me that!

- We're not married.
- We're not likely to be. Ever!

Not married?
Kindly leave the room.
Kindly leave the room.