Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

In love!
Am I too ugly or too stupid?
No, you're not ugly.
You're not the fairest of them all,

but you're neither ugly nor dumb.
The thing is,
you have plenty of time.

You think you are in love.
But love is something different.
You do not just fall
in love with a face
that you've seen in the street.
He is a young man
whom I've met several times

and he loves me.
We want to get married.
You do not answer?
I am flabbergasted.
I went with him
to the theater last night.

So you lied to me and...

you admit it
without any shame.

There is no shame
in wanting to get married.

At your age, there is...
well, no...

You are a little girl,
very little.

You know nothing.
It's not with what you taught me
that I can manage.

When I married your Dad,
I knew nothing.

That's not something
to brag about.

The paint shop, please?
Next door.
How old is he?
he hasn't been in the army.

He lives with his godmother,
the lady who raised him.
He only has me,
and you will see,
he is very handsome.
I will see nothing at all.
But Mother...