Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

I talked to Mother
about our marriage.

Of course, she said I'm crazy.
And, tonight,
she forbade me to see you.

You see, I was so afraid...
I'd go anywhere,
I'd never see Mother again,

rather than lose you.
We'll marry secretly.
Now it does not matter

We have plenty of time.
This morning,
I received my draft notice,

and I will be away
for two years.

So the marriage,
we'll talk about it later...

With the war in Algeria,
it will be a long time
before I can come back.

But I'll never be able
to live without you.
I won't be able to.
Don't go.
I will die.

I will hide you...
and I will have you,
but, my love,
do not leave me.

You know it is not possible.
I will not leave you.
My love,
I have to go.

I want you to know