He wondered if you'd be prepared
to work on Saturday?

- Saturday? Of course. What time?
- Two-thirty.

I ' ll advise Mr Rutland
that you are available.

- (Knocking)
- (Mark) Come in, Mrs Taylor.

Good afternoon, Mr Rutland.
Are you interested in
pre-Columbian art, Mrs Taylor?

Those were collected
by my wife. She's dead.

The only things of hers I 've kept.
And that's Sophie. She 's a jaguarundi.
South American. I, uh... trained her.
Oh? What did you train her to do?
To trust me.
Is that all?
That's a great deal...
for a jaguarundi.

Shall we get to work?
You can use the typewriter over there.
I want an original
and one copy of this.

If you can't decipher
any of this, speak up.

I typed it myself and
I'm a very creative typist.

"Arboreal Predators
of the Brazilian Rain Forest."