- (Knocking)
- (Mark) Come in, Mrs Taylor.

Good afternoon, Mr Rutland.
Are you interested in
pre-Columbian art, Mrs Taylor?

Those were collected
by my wife. She's dead.

The only things of hers I 've kept.
And that's Sophie. She 's a jaguarundi.
South American. I, uh... trained her.
Oh? What did you train her to do?
To trust me.
Is that all?
That's a great deal...
for a jaguarundi.

Shall we get to work?
You can use the typewriter over there.
I want an original
and one copy of this.

If you can't decipher
any of this, speak up.

I typed it myself and
I'm a very creative typist.

"Arboreal Predators
of the Brazilian Rain Forest."

Before I was drafted
into Rutland's, Mrs Taylor,

I had notions of being a zoologist.
- I still try to keep up with my field.
- Zoos?

Instinctual behaviour.
Oh. Does zoology include people,
Mr Rutland?

Well, in a way. It includes all
the animal ancestors

from whom man derived his instincts.
Ladies' instincts too?
That paper deals with
the instincts of predators.

What you might call the criminal class
of the animal world.

Lady animals figure
very largely as predators.

Put on the overhead light if you like.
The switch is by the door.