Before I was drafted
into Rutland's, Mrs Taylor,

I had notions of being a zoologist.
- I still try to keep up with my field.
- Zoos?

Instinctual behaviour.
Oh. Does zoology include people,
Mr Rutland?

Well, in a way. It includes all
the animal ancestors

from whom man derived his instincts.
Ladies' instincts too?
That paper deals with
the instincts of predators.

What you might call the criminal class
of the animal world.

Lady animals figure
very largely as predators.

Put on the overhead light if you like.
The switch is by the door.
Why don't you sit down, Mrs Taylor?
If the storm worries you that much,
I'll get you something to drink.

Mrs Taylor?
The building is grounded, Mrs Taylor.
You' re quite safe here...
from the lightning.
The colours! Stop the colours!
What colours?