And that's where you're from.
Where? Around here?

You' re a cold-practised,
method-actress of a liar.

- I can't help it.
- It would appear not.

I don't mean that.
I mean, I wasn't born in California.

I was born in Richmond, Virginia.
My father deserted us
when I was a baby.

My mother and I lived
in Richmond until I was seven.

Then we went to California.
Mother worked in aeroplane factories.

That's the truth. I swear it!
My mother died when I was ten.
And Mrs Taylor took care of me.

Come on, get moving.
How did you find me?
You're here to answer
the questions, ol' girl.

How did you get
the combination to Ward's safe?

- I took Susan's key from her purse.
- I see.

Now, suppose you just begin
at the beginning.

It's just like I told you. I was born
in Richmond. We were poor.

We were grindingly poor.
- I was so alone after Mother died.
- Well, go on.

You still have my attention.
I just went to school and took care
of Mrs Taylor until she died.

She left me her house
and $5,000 in insurance.

I sold the house. It had a mortgage
so I only got $9,000 cash.

But there I was with $14,000! Me!
I could do exactly
what I wanted to with it.

There isn't much more. I bought Forio.
- Forio?
- My horse at Garrod's.

I had two wonderful years.
Then last November it was all gone
so I had to get a job.

I went to Pittsburgh
and got the job at Kendall's

until I could look around
for something better.

Alright, let's try again.
Let's back up and turn that Mt Everest
of manure into a few facts.

One: Your dates are all wrong.
Previously you were employed
by the firm of Strutt and Company.