- I was so alone after Mother died.
- Well, go on.

You still have my attention.
I just went to school and took care
of Mrs Taylor until she died.

She left me her house
and $5,000 in insurance.

I sold the house. It had a mortgage
so I only got $9,000 cash.

But there I was with $14,000! Me!
I could do exactly
what I wanted to with it.

There isn't much more. I bought Forio.
- Forio?
- My horse at Garrod's.

I had two wonderful years.
Then last November it was all gone
so I had to get a job.

I went to Pittsburgh
and got the job at Kendall's

until I could look around
for something better.

Alright, let's try again.
Let's back up and turn that Mt Everest
of manure into a few facts.

One: Your dates are all wrong.
Previously you were employed
by the firm of Strutt and Company.

I saw you there once.
Mr Strutt is the tax consultant
for Rutland and Company.

He pointed you out to me.
You were a brunette then.

Then some months later,
he pointed out your absence.

You mean, you knew all
about that when you hired me?

No. I wasn't positive.
But I thought it might be interesting
to keep you around.

And all this time you've been trying
to trip me up, trap me!

Um, I 'm not sure any more.
I think I was just... curious at first.
Then things got out of control and...
I liked you.

So I see!
Incidentally, I think
you took a bit of a chance,

knowing that Rutland's
was a client of Strutt's.

I didn't.
My job at Strutt's didn't give me
access to all the clients' names!

Alright. Let's... get on.
We've established that
you're a thief and a liar.

Now, what is the degree?
Are you a compulsive thief?
A pathological liar?