Good afternoon.
- What'll you folks have?
- A frank and a coffee, please.

- Same for me.
- (Waitress) Okey-doke.

Let's get on
with that little discussion.

The chronic use of an alias is not
consistent with your story

of sudden temptation
and unpremeditated impulse.

What if you'd stolen almost $1 0,000?
Wouldn't you change your name?
Oh, what's the use? Why should I even
try to make you understand?

I'm not only trying to understand you,
I'm trying to believe you!

- Why?
- Because, damn it, I want to!

Can you understand that?
Here you are, folks.
The reasons for what I did
at Rutland's,

they were so mixed up,
what I wanted to say before.

I needed to get away, can't you see?
Away from Rutland's.

Don't you understand?
Things were - We were -

So we were.
Was that any reason to run away?

Yes. I thought it was time
I got out before I got hurt.

I mean, why try to kid myself?
- Are you called Margaret?
- Marnie.

- Oh, God, Mark, if you let me go -
- I can't let you go, Marnie.

Somebody's got to take care of you
and help you. I can't turn you loose.

If I let you go, I 'm criminally
and morally responsible.

Then what -