I'm not only trying to understand you,
I'm trying to believe you!

- Why?
- Because, damn it, I want to!

Can you understand that?
Here you are, folks.
The reasons for what I did
at Rutland's,

they were so mixed up,
what I wanted to say before.

I needed to get away, can't you see?
Away from Rutland's.

Don't you understand?
Things were - We were -

So we were.
Was that any reason to run away?

Yes. I thought it was time
I got out before I got hurt.

I mean, why try to kid myself?
- Are you called Margaret?
- Marnie.

- Oh, God, Mark, if you let me go -
- I can't let you go, Marnie.

Somebody's got to take care of you
and help you. I can't turn you loose.

If I let you go, I 'm criminally
and morally responsible.

Then what -
Marnie. Yeah, that suits you.
Alright, Marnie,
this is how it's gonna be.

I'm driving you back to Philadelphia.
Tonight we'll go to the house.
Tomorrow you'll go to Rutland's.

You' ll see that Susan's key finds
its way back into her purse.

How can I go back to Rutland's?
You' re covered. I replaced the money.
When I called yesterday
and found you'd pulled out,

I knew instantly what had happened.
So I went to Rutland's
and checked Ward's safe.

Figured the loss and replaced it.
Then I set out to find you.

Remember at the races
when you were hot about Telepathy?

You'd said you'd watched him
training as a two-year-old.

That's all I had to go on,
so I looked him up,

and found he'd been bred by
a Colonel Marston of Virginia.

I phoned Marston and asked him
if anyone there had horses for hire.

He gave me the names of three.