Yesterday I drove up to the plains,
checked out the stables. No luck.

But at the last place, the man said
why didn't I try Garrod's

over by Middleburg?
(Waitress) You folks be sure
and come back now.

Why are you taking me
back to Wykwyn?

Because I don't trust you
not to run away.

How can I run away?
You have the receipt,
the post office key,

- my name.
- Margaret Edgar.

You sure that's
all the name you have?

You sure you haven't misplaced an old
husband or two in your travels?

I told you I 've never been married.
- Near misses?
- No!

And no lovers, no steadies, no beaus,
no gentlemen callers, nothing!
OK. Eat up.
- Mark, I'd like to go freshen up.
- Uh-uh.

You're fresh enough. Come on.
You know, I can't believe you, Marnie.
There must've been a great
many men interested in you.

I didn't say men weren't interested
in me. I wasn't interested in them.

- Never?
- No!

That is... not until -
- Why me?
- Because you were different, Mark.

It won't wash, Marnie.
But it's true! I really liked you.
Yes, I think you did.
But don't try to make it sound
like any more than that.

When we get home,
I'll explain that we had a lover's
quarrel. That you ran away.

That I went after you
and brought you back.

That'll please Dad. He admires action.
Then I ' ll explain that we' re gonna be
married before the week is out,

therefore you should stay on at Wykwyn.
That I can't bear to
have you out of my sight.

He also admires wholesome animal lust.
We 'll be married just
as soon as the law allows.