You know, I can't believe you, Marnie.
There must've been a great
many men interested in you.

I didn't say men weren't interested
in me. I wasn't interested in them.

- Never?
- No!

That is... not until -
- Why me?
- Because you were different, Mark.

It won't wash, Marnie.
But it's true! I really liked you.
Yes, I think you did.
But don't try to make it sound
like any more than that.

When we get home,
I'll explain that we had a lover's
quarrel. That you ran away.

That I went after you
and brought you back.

That'll please Dad. He admires action.
Then I ' ll explain that we' re gonna be
married before the week is out,

therefore you should stay on at Wykwyn.
That I can't bear to
have you out of my sight.

He also admires wholesome animal lust.
We 'll be married just
as soon as the law allows.

We 'll catch an outbound boat.
Where do you want to go?

- You ever been to the South Seas?
- What are you trying to pull?

I 'm trying to pull... a proposal.
Let's see, how shall I phrase it?
- How ' bout: Will you be mine?
- You're crazy!

- You're out of your mind!
- That's a possibility.

The name. Marnie. Yes, I'll just go on
calling you Marnie.

That's easily explained. Pet name.
But the Taylor.

We'll just have to marry you off
as Mary Taylor. It's perfectly legal.

You can sign yourself Minnie Q Mouse
on a marriage licence,

you're still legally married.
But you know what I am.
I ' m Minnie Q Thief!
I 'm - I 'm a thief and a liar!

It seems to be my misfortune to have
fallen in love with a thief and a liar.

In love?
Oh, Mark, if you love me,
you'll let me go.

Just let me go, Mark, please.
Mark, you don't know me.