Paris - When It Sizzles

We will not this time be so...

as we were last year in Tangier.
Now, Miss Simpson, having
established a climate of suspense,

intrigue and romance, we've arrived
once more at that magic moment.

The boy and the girl meet.
OK. Now we need more conflict.
A new character, maybe.
I've got it! Seated nearby
is Rick's deadly enemy,

Inspector, erm, Gillette
of the international police force.

It is apparent he knows something
the audience does not know.

And now, Miss Simpson, we have set
the wheels of our plot in motion

and inflamed the audience
with a passionate desire

to find out what happens next.
And I don't blame them.
I'm dying to find out myself.

We can pause
for a few pages of chitchat,

getting-to-know-you stuff,
which I do so brilliantly.

The question is, where should
this charming little scene be played?

At lunch!
Yes, he takes her to a beautiful
restaurant for lunch in the Bois.

Ridiculous. She wouldn't go off with
a man who picked her up in a square.

I mean, he's a perfect... stranger.
Miss Simpson, nobody's perfect.
Why, he asks, as they dance
and dance and dance,

are you so sad
when everyone is so gay?

And then a suggestion
from the mysterious stranger.

If you try raising your upper lip,