Per un pugno di dollari

Get their clothes on again, and hurry.
Be sure to place them right.
They died fighting among themselves.

There. It's Ramón.
This is my brother Ramón.
- I think I mentioned him.
- Everybody talks about Ramón.

And many speak of you, too.
My dear brother included.

Well, I hope they say... nice things.
Did you have a good trip?
It was tiring. It was terribly hot
on the road during the day.

And stagecoaches are
an uncomfortable way to travel.

Well, I'm sure you'll be
in great shape in no time.

The americano cannot wait
to get into action.

- I'm sorry. He's going to be disappointed.
- How's that?

The Baxters accepted the invitation.
They'll come tonight, Don Miguel.

You must be out of your head.
Chico followed my orders.
I told him to invite them.

Ramón, what is this?
I found out many things when I was
travelling and I have decided that...

it's very stupid to just keep on shooting
at each other, and without any results.

You've gone out of your mind, Ramón.
No, I've come to my senses, Esteban.
Believe me.