Doctor Zhivago

Will you lie down, then, Yuri?
Your mammy and I were great,
great friends, you know...

:17:08 now we are going to look after you.
Thank you.
That's mother's.
It's yours now.
Yes, Yuri. Mammy left it to you.
In her will.
Do you know what a will is, old chap?
No, Yuri, just this.
Your daddy has all the money.

Can you play it?
I thought all the people in this part
of the world could play the balalaika.

You don't live here, do you?
No, we live in Moscow.
That's a long way from here,
but you will like Moscow.

- Won't he?
- In a bit.

It takes time
to get used to things, doesn't it?

Mother could play it.
Well, your mother was an artist, Yuri.
She could make this common
little instrument sound like two guitars.

Your mother had a gift.
Perhaps Yuri's got a gift.
Would you like lessons?
I can't play it.
Say good night to Yuri, Tonya.
He's your brother, now.
Good night, Yuri.
Good night, old chap.
Good night.