Giulietta degli spiriti

Shall I light the candles, signora?
No, let her light them.
Yes, I want to light them.
You're putting on the red wig.
I like the blond one better.

Teresina, I'll decide
what wig I want to wear.

Pardon me, signora.
I just love blond hair.

But that one looks good too.
What shoes do you want
to wear?

I've already got them on,

I wanted to give you
a present.

It doesn't matter.
Some other time.

This one looks very nice.
No, it doesn't! I look terrible.
I won't wear any at all.

I never want to see
this dress again! Get rid of it!

And this too!
You can have it.

Has your husband said what he's giving
you for an anniversary present?

Your gift for him is beautiful.
Your husband's home.
Off the bed, you.

Hurry, he's already in the garden.
Let me try it on.

Quick, my dress!
I feel so excited.
How beautiful!
Is everything ready?
Light the candles.
His gift is under his napkin.
You've lost an earring!
I left it in the bathroom.
Go get it, please.

Turn off the lights.