Giulietta degli spiriti

Your gift for him is beautiful.
Your husband's home.
Off the bed, you.

Hurry, he's already in the garden.
Let me try it on.

Quick, my dress!
I feel so excited.
How beautiful!
Is everything ready?
Light the candles.
His gift is under his napkin.
You've lost an earring!
I left it in the bathroom.
Go get it, please.

Turn off the lights.
What's the matter?
Is the power out?

Well, what's wrong?
You're right, I'm sorry.
What an idiot I am!

And I even wrote down
the date!

But I have a surprise
for you too.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!
It's our anniversary.

Look who's here.
Your anniversary?
Precious darling!

Look what I brought you
from Los Angeles.

It's a charm against spirits.
Hang it up!
It's been fifteen years, friends.
That dog has been so nervous
lately. Truk-Truk!