King Rat

Right. Why were you fighting? l want
the truth now, no flannel. Townsend?

Well? l'm waiting.
This bloody sod accused me
of stealing me mate's grub.

-You were.
-That's enough of that.

lf you have a charge to make, make it.
Come on. We haven't got all night.

lt's my month on cookhouse detail,
and today we had 184 to cook for.

-He's me best mate, and l trusted him.
-l never touched a grain. l swear.

When l got back, we were short
two blokes' rations.

-l know, but l never touched it.
-Were they short?

-Sir, l never touched them.
-Were they short like he said?

Yes, sir.
Check the weights.
-l checked them under his nose.
-We must check them again.

Lead the way, will you? We'll go
to the storehouse and settle it.

That day, on my last leave...
...she said....
l said, ''l'll always keep myself
clean for you.''