King Rat

-l know, but l never touched it.
-Were they short?

-Sir, l never touched them.
-Were they short like he said?

Yes, sir.
Check the weights.
-l checked them under his nose.
-We must check them again.

Lead the way, will you? We'll go
to the storehouse and settle it.

That day, on my last leave...
...she said....
l said, ''l'll always keep myself
clean for you.''

Oh, God, l'll make any sort
of a bargain with you.

Just don't let her think that l'm dead.
Don't let her think that l'm dead.
As far as l'm concerned,
Gurble, the case is proved.

You're out of my regiment.
You're dead. You don't exist.

You keep your mouth shut.
-My bloody oath--
-Keep your mouth shut!