King Rat

Good. Now, today....
Today l was going to talk about...
...the largest of mammals: whales.
Do you know anything
about whales?

Whales are, without doubt...
...the highest form
to which nature has aspired.

Now, you take
the sulfur-bottomed whale...

...the most powerful animal
in existence.

Now, you take its mating habits.
lts mating is marvelous.
There's no other word for it.
The male...
...starts his titillation...
:52:47 blowing glorious clouds
of spray.

He then pounds the water
with his tail near to the female...

...who waits with patient lust...
...on the ocean's surface.
He then dives deep
and soars up out of the water...

...huge, vast, enormous...
...and crashes back
with thundering flukes...

...churning the water into spray,
pounding at the water.

-You have a question?
-Yes, what about rats?

l beg your pardon?
This is interesting about whales,
but what about rats?

-What about rats?
-Do you know anything about them?

Rodents are entirely different.
Now, to return--

-What do you mean?

How are they different?
l'll deal with them in the next series.
There's nothing about them to like.
Why are they disgusting, sir?
l mean, do they have bad habits?

-Everything about them is--
-Cigarette, sir?

...thank you, corporal.
Take a couple, sir.
l'm sure you'll need them if you're
gonna go into rats in detail.

Right. Now....