King Rat

He then dives deep
and soars up out of the water...

...huge, vast, enormous...
...and crashes back
with thundering flukes...

...churning the water into spray,
pounding at the water.

-You have a question?
-Yes, what about rats?

l beg your pardon?
This is interesting about whales,
but what about rats?

-What about rats?
-Do you know anything about them?

Rodents are entirely different.
Now, to return--

-What do you mean?

How are they different?
l'll deal with them in the next series.
There's nothing about them to like.
Why are they disgusting, sir?
l mean, do they have bad habits?

-Everything about them is--
-Cigarette, sir?

...thank you, corporal.
Take a couple, sir.
l'm sure you'll need them if you're
gonna go into rats in detail.

Right. Now....
So, gentlemen, the female can have
up to 12 litters a year...

...and anything up to 14 per litter.
The young being born blind
and helpless 22 days.

Twenty-two days, gentlemen,
after contact.

The young open their eyes
in two weeks...

...and they become sexually active
in two months.

-Holy cow!
-Know what that means?

That means in six months, we're
gonna be knee-deep in tikas.

Holy cow.
On the other hand, they do have
some rather nasty habits.

Number one: They're cannibals.
Number two: They'll fight
if left to their own devices.

But on the credit side,
they'll eat anything.

l repeat, anything, dead or alive.
Which means we got no
logistics problem.

l got another one.
While you jokers are talking,
l'm out doing.

-lt's the right mate too.
-How do you know?

-l looked.
-Well, what are we waiting for?

Tex, Dino, keep lookout.