King Rat

He just asked me a few things.
What did he say?
Did he tell you anything?

Nothing l didn't already know.
Hey, it's over, isn't it?
lt's not a mistake?

No. Forget it.
You've got the luck now.

Forget it?
Hey, listen, l'm talking to you.

You called me ''sir'' last night.
That's the second time
you've walked away.

The war's the only thing that's changed.
We're just the same.

Look, people don't change,

When the all clear sounds, do they?
l haven't changed.
l'm not ashamed because you're
my friend. We survived it.

You and me.
Don't you remember what we had?
l wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

Don't you remember that?
You worked for me a couple times.
l paid you for it. That's all we had.

Fortnum, friendship isn't a matter
of a 10 percent.

Don't ask me to forget it all now.
Please, not that, otherwise
what's it all been in aid of?

l'm not different.
But that's just you.
Mate. One at a time.
One friend.
That's good enough for anybody.
lt's just a start.