La Decima vittima

Can't we get St. Peter?
After all, the Pope is American,

And me dressed as a nun?
I'm up for shooting at the Studio?
Get that idea out of your head!
Just as we see Rome's plazas,
domes, fountains, ruins...

:18:52 want to lock yourself
in a playhouse?

Let's not fool ourselves,
the Vatican wouldn't allow it...

...they're against the Big Hunt.
Yes, but I have friends, we could
try and ask for an exception.

It would be great to move
around in a place like that.

I went there on my honeymoon
with my 18th wife.

Sorry, but I prefer the Studio.
Oh my!
Stop it. Come on!

It's crazy to come to Rome
and shoot on a stage!

It would be great in that square!
Sure! It can be done.

Imagine Poletti's corpse
in the center fountain.

Wait a minute!
I've got a great idea...
The Colosseum!
Very good! This way we'll
also have gladiators on TV.

But, we can't go over budget.
The gladiators won't cost much...
:19:40, ancient Rome always worked
well on the American market.

Yes, and the remaining gladiators
would kill each other off...

:19:47 order to entertain the Romans.
Listen, let's not complicate things.
It's better if we shoot at the Studio.
Plus, don't forget,
the costumes are ready.

I would love to be Cleopatra, though.
What does Cleopatra have to
do with the Colosseum?