La Decima vittima

Yes, but I have friends, we could
try and ask for an exception.

It would be great to move
around in a place like that.

I went there on my honeymoon
with my 18th wife.

Sorry, but I prefer the Studio.
Oh my!
Stop it. Come on!

It's crazy to come to Rome
and shoot on a stage!

It would be great in that square!
Sure! It can be done.

Imagine Poletti's corpse
in the center fountain.

Wait a minute!
I've got a great idea...
The Colosseum!
Very good! This way we'll
also have gladiators on TV.

But, we can't go over budget.
The gladiators won't cost much...
:19:40, ancient Rome always worked
well on the American market.

Yes, and the remaining gladiators
would kill each other off...

:19:47 order to entertain the Romans.
Listen, let's not complicate things.
It's better if we shoot at the Studio.
Plus, don't forget,
the costumes are ready.

I would love to be Cleopatra, though.
What does Cleopatra have to
do with the Colosseum?

Besides, how would we
shoot it there?

Look, look down there!
It's all full of holes!

Yes, yes. Maybe you're right.
It's too run down.
How are they going to fight?
The y're not a herd of sheep!

We have to find another place!
Wait a minute, look!
There, Caroline!

That's where you have to kill him!

We'll have the Colosseum in the
background and the space we need!

What is it called?
The temple of Venus!
I'll kill him here.

May I come in?
Who are you?
Don't be afraid.

It's us! Confiscation.
How are you Mr. Poletti?

Fine. Make yourself comfortable.
You could have notified me at least.
And so?
The bed stays with me by law.
You also have a right to a chair
and a table. Like the last time.

If you don't mind, take the TV last.
The television last, as you wish.